When you ask friends or your family to go for a trip, you excite them. If it is your friends, be prepared to answer questions on the destination of the trip and the main attraction. Trips provide a rare occasion for friends and families to enjoy each other’s company while traveling.

It is a costly plan and people decide to pool resources by convincing other trip participants to chip in. Even when you have all the required money, it can be hard to satisfy the urge of giving everyone what is worth more than their money.

• The best solution for this dilemma is to have everyone in one place at the same time. Hire a coach for the
trip. If there will be any sightseeing, the coach will be even more adequate. It provides a common setting where people soon break out of their comfort zones and start communication freely with everyone else.

• Your work as the tour organizer becomes very basic. All you need to do is direct the driver and announce important news to your friends or family. If every other thing is okay, your guests will personalize their experience and make it memorable.

• If you do not use a coach, you will end up paying more and get a disjointed experience that would be memorable only to some people.