Let’s face it, bus trips could be long and very boring. That is why it would not hurt to know a number of games to play in the bus. A list of games could also come in handy especially if you are travelling with very energetic kids. Here are a number of games that you should know to make bus trips more exciting:

I Spy


This is a very classic travel game that never gets old. One person would pick anything he sees and let other people guest what that is. For example, that person would say, “I spy, with my little eye, something small.” The participants would then look around and look for small stuff. The person who gets to guess the answer could be the one who ‘spies’ next. This game encourages participants to pay more attention to the things around them.

20 Questions

Another classic travel game is 20 questions. One person would think of something and then let other people guess what that is. Guessers are allowed to throw questions in order to find out the answer. Of course, they are not allowed to directly ask what the answer is. They must throw simple questions such as, “Is it edible?” or “Is it something inside this bus?” Also, they must guess the answer by just asking 20 questions or less. This game is usually played between a small group of people. It takes skill to answer the right questions.

Name Game

The name game is also another fun game to play during boring bus trips. The game could be started with one player saying a name that starts with A. Another player would repeat that name that starts with A and then say a name that starts with B. The third player would repeat both names and add a name that starts with C, and so on. The goal here is to contribute a name to the list and not to forget the first ones which have been mentioned. Any person who forgets a name or skips one could be eliminated.



The classic game of hangman could be played on bus trips as well. A pen and paper could always be used between a group of three or four. If there would be a lot of participants then a whiteboard could be used. Players could take turns in letting other people guess their words or phrases. There could also be two groups and they could take turns in guessing the answer from their opposing team. Things could get a little bit unorganized if there will be a lot of participants. Thus, a game moderator is recommended.

Bus trips do not really have to be boring. In fact, going to some place on a bus filled with a lot of people is already fun in its own way. That is why buses are great when transporting large groups of people. If you ever need to charter a bus, you can always count on Kunkel Bus Lines Ltd. Our fleet consists of a variety of coaches and school buses. Contact us and we’ll discuss your bus charter needs.