Motion sickness is a condition that a lot of people experience whenever on the road. Motion sickness can really make any trip terrible. You would not want to suffer from it whenever you have to take some kids with you on a field trip or whenever you have some friends accompany you in a camping trip. If you are to have a long bus ride soon, here are some tips on how you can avoid motion sickness.


• Seat at the front seat
– It is important for you to seat at one of the front seats. There is less tendencies to suffer from motion sickness if you seat at the front. Seat as close to the driver as possible. Have you noticed that drivers rarely suffer from motion sickness?

• Enjoy the sceneries – Once the bus has moved along, it is important to keep your eyes on the beautiful sceneries. Looking at the picturesque mountain ranges, the beautiful fields, and even the scenic beach can help stabilize your visual system’s detection of motion.

• Avoid reading
– One of the top things that trigger motion sickness is reading. Reading while the bus is moving along can cause strain to your eyes. Remember that your eyes have to keep in line with the text. But since you are on the road, the visual connection between your eyes and the text can get wobbly. Soon enough, you would start to feel like you want to throw up.

• Chew a piece of gum – Some people find it necessary to chew gums while on a bus trip. The sweet and distinct taste of gum can help prevent nausea. Also the smell of gum can help calm your senses and eliminate any hint of motion sickness.

• Sleep – If you know that you can suffer motion sickness while on the bus, it would be better for you to sleep. When your eyes are closed, your visual system will not be in conflict with your vestibular system. Also, sleeping can kill of time and can be beneficial if you are in for a very long road trip.

• Do not seat with noisy people – There are numerous factors that can worsen your motion sickness. One of these factors is noise. Thus, you would not want to seat with noisy people. If you know somebody who has the ability to talk for hours, then avoid that person. Stick to those who would most likely sleep throughout the duration of the trip.

• Take meds – For those who are suffering terribly from motion sickness, meds can be quite practical. There are a lot of over-the-counter meds that you can take before riding the bus so that you will be able to endure the trip.

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