Frequently Asked Questions


A professional driver is an informed driver. Please provide the Charter Department with clear details on your trip as soon as you can to allow the driver to properly prepare.

Driver Gratuities

If you are pleased with the service you received, it is customary to show appreciation to your driver at the end of your trip. There is no guideline on how much, however it is entirely at the discretion of the customer and should appropriately reflect the level of service you have received.

Cellular phones

All coaches are equipped with cell phones for emergencies. Our company policy states that drivers are not to talk or text on the phone while the coach is in motion.

Kunkel Bus Lines Dispatch is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm to assist with any inquiries. In the event that there is an emergency after hours there is an emergency number that can be found on the answering machine of the main office number.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on any of the vehicles at any time.


All medication should be kept in your carry on luggage and in the original containers if crossing the border. In the event that you are diabetic, please ensure you have something to eat or drink on board in case the trip is delayed.



You are more than welcome to bring snacks on board. Your driver has garbage bags on board and would certainly appreciate your assistance in keeping the bus tidy.


There is a washroom onboard at the rear of the coach however there is no running water. Hand sanitizer is provided and the driver will make regular stops along the route, as requested.

Licenses & Associations

Kunkel Bus Lines holds an active Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration as well as Operating Authority with the US Department of Transportation. Our Motor Coaches are Fully licensed and insured to travel within all of Canada and the United States.


How to make your trip safer:
  • Use the hand rails when boarding and unloading
  • Use the hand rails when walking up and down the aisle
  • Refrain from holding onto the headrests
  • Try and eliminate as much movement through the passenger compartment as possible while the coach is travelling on congested highways or city streets
  • Ensure you have gathered all belongings prior to unloading
  • Make certain you have proper identification to cross the border

Kunkel Bus Lines is quite proud of the professional drivers on staff and the safety record that the company holds. The driver trainers evaluate and monitor each driver over the course of each year to ensure that everyone is living up to the company expectation.

Kunkel Bus Lines does not permit drivers to perform any service that is not safe.

Also, Kunkel Bus Lines drivers are enrolled in a random drug and alcohol testing program.

Drivers Hours of Service

There are two different sets of hours of work regulations that apply in Canada and the USA. The following is an outline of those regulations:

Please note, there are some repercussions that may follow should the hours of service be violated:

  • If a driver is put out of service at a road-side inspection you and or your group will no longer be able to travel that day
  • The driver and Kunkel Bus Lines can/will face large fines if these rules are violated
  • Under the new rules, the Tour Organizer or group leader can also face these fines
Hours of Work Repercussions
  • Driver is put out of service at a road-side inspection. This means, that you will no longer be able to travel that day
  • The driver and Kunkel Bus Lines can/will face large fines if these rules are violated
  • Under the new rules, the Tour Organizer or group leader can also face these fines
Canadian Rules – Rules for Drivers in Canada
  • Driver is allowed to drive 13 hours per day
  • Driver is not allowed to drive after 14 hours on duty
  • Driver is allowed a maximum of 70 hours in 7 days of on-duty and driving time
  • Driver must have one day off every 14 days
  • Driver must have a minimum of 8 consecutive hours off duty per day
  • Driver must have an additional 2 hours in minimum of 30 minute blocks off duty per day

If the driver doesn’t get the additional two hours off during the day, it must be added to the 8 consecutive hours off. The driver cannot work more than 16 hours per day – this includes the time spent doing the inspection which is done prior to beginning the trip as well as the driving time it takes to get to the pick up location as well as getting back to the yard at the end of the trip.


U.S. Rules – Rules for Drivers in the United States

While driving in the United States our drivers must follow these guidelines:

  • A driver can drive up to 10 hours, then must have 8 hours off duty before driving again
  • A driver may work for up to 15 hours, which includes both driving and not-driving duties. Once the 15 hour limit is reached, the driver must have 8 hours off duty before driving again
  • A driver may work up to 70 hours in any 8 day period, which includes driving and not-driving duties. A driver may not drive after reaching this limit

The minimum liability requirements are $8 million for a carrier, however Kunkel Bus Lines holds $10 million in liability insurance.

I have other children, can I take them along to avoid babysitting fees?

Absolutely, so long as there is available space on the bus.

Can I park the bus at home?

In order to ensure a driver is allowed to park at home, a calculation is made by our staff that will determine the feasibility of this decision.

The short answer however is yes. If the calculation proves feasible, our drivers are given the opportunity to park the bus at their home providing they have adequate space, are abiding by any municipal bylaws and are able to get the bus in and out safely at any time of the year.

Do I have to have a special license to drive a school bus?

Yes, a class B license is required to operate a school purpose vehicle. Kunkel Bus Lines does not require this license in order to extend an offer of employment as all training is done in house.