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Safety at Kunkel

A first class safety record, a second to none driver training program and an excellent support staff is what consistently gives Kunkel Bus Lines a preferred training model which other operators strive to duplicate. If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to provide us with a comment on our services or training, please let us know at

Tips to Ensure a Safe Ride for Students on the School Bus

      • Be ready five (5) minutes early
      • Watch for driver’s signal before crossing the road
      • Board quickly using the handrail and go right to your seat
      • Remain in your seat until your bus stops
      • No eating or drinking on the bus
      • Keep the aisle clear
      • No shouting, fighting, or horseplay
      • When leaving the bus move off the roadway as quickly as possible

Our Ongoing Commitment to Safety

Bus Evacuation
First Rider
Driver Education and Training
Driver Evaluations