Saving on wedding expenditure can be tricky business because you do not want to appear underfunded to your guests neither do you want to remain penniless after the wedding. Not all expenses that are incurred at wedding are necessary and keen planning should be done to prioritize expenditure. There are key aspects of a wedding where savings can be made and the major one is transport.

1. Instead of having guests coming to the wedding venue in their own cars, you can have a transport fund where people living within each other’s radius can pay up and come to the wedding together in a bus. This way, you will have saved parking chaos that are a characteristic of social events and guests will have extra money left to add to the wedding present.

2. If you have a large bridal party, renting a luxury bus for them will be more economical than having them travel to and from the wedding venue in their personal cars. It is also a lot more interesting for this special group of people to travel in a bus that will allow free interaction. Their mood in transit will be mirrored at the wedding and people want their weddings to be lively.