While travelling is often a fun experience, travelling in a group can be tiresome and may shave off some of the excitement from the journey. The key to make group travelling hassle-free is to plan well ahead, especially the manner in which group members get to and leave the airport. Nothing is more terrifying than letting every group member figure out different means of getting to the airport; it is merely a disaster waiting to happen. The group should be kept together at all time and renting a coach or minibus is the ideal way to ensure it.

– Not even the biggest taxis at airports around the world can accommodate more than 7 people at a time. Even if the passengers somehow manage to squeeze in, there is no guarantee that they all their luggage will. By renting a coach or minibus you can ensure that the group travels together and the luggage travels with them.

– The quality of service you can expect from coach and minibus rental companies is top-notch. These companies are fiercely proud of their reputations and this is reflected in the professional and knowledgeable drivers that they hire. Watch with amazement as the drivers quickly load up your entire luggage in a flash and with care.

– In many cities, while you are stuck in traffic, you will notice a separate lane on the road that no one seems to be using. This is the ‘bus lane’ and minibuses and coaches are permitted to use it. When in the bus lane, you will whizz past the stationary traffic and can reach your destination in no time.