Air travel has certainly evolved over time. As the planes get larger, faster and safer, airline companies are working very hard to reduce air fares and stay competitive. Gone are the days when travel by air was reserved only of the rich and glamorous. In many places, air fares are actually lower than the cost of a train ticket. With air travel being more accessible, there are a whole new set of problems to deal with. Primary among them is the outrageous traffic levels around major airports. Simply getting to the airport on time has now become a herculean task. Here are a few ways how you can avoid the traffic nightmare around airports:

– The most obvious solution is to avoid flights that take-off and land at peak hours. Not only will you clear security and immigration much more quickly, the traffic levels will also be incredibly low. As a bonus, you will also get to pay a lot less for fare on these ‘red-eye’ flights.

– If you have to travel during peak hours, leave for the airport as early as possible. You may have to wait a bit longer at the airport, but at least you will be there on time and not stuck in traffic as more and more vehicles hit the road during peak hours.

– For those travelling in large groups, rent a coach or minibus. Not only will it ensure that everyone gets to the airport on time, you will also be able to use the ‘bus lane’ which will help the group avoid the nasty traffic jams that are usually found around major airports and big cities.