The whole world was looking forward to the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil for four years, and the competition did not disappoint, since everyone got an opportunity to watch Germany lift the world cup, either from the comfort of their homes, at the bar with friends or at the Maracan√£ stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

One thing that you must have noticed, if you watched any of the soccer games is that all the teams that played in those games got to the stadiums in style, in some really comfortable looking buses. Getting to the stadium in buses is a sure sign that buses are ideal for getting teams where they need to be. If you have a team and want to get them to or from a particular destination, hiring a bus is the best way to do so, and here are a few reasons why:

1. Buses are friendly to the environment


Of course, buses consume fuel, and the result of the consumption is pollution, however the pollution from a full bus cannot come close to the pollution that would have been caused by full passenger vehicles carrying the same number of people. Therefore, if you care about the environment, have your whole team travel in a bus or two.

2. Greatly convenient

You cannot compare the convenience of traveling together as a team, with that of everyone traveling in their vehicles. Getting stuck in traffic, the risk of getting into accidents, the stress and strain of driving are all taken up by one individual, a professional driver while everyone else gets to enjoy a safe and convenient trip to the destination.

3. It is economical

As mentioned earlier, a bus will consume less fuel per passenger compared to other forms of travel, and this automatically translates to huge savings. In addition, you will save on the wear and tear of the vehicles that you will leave at home or at work. Furthermore, any damage that can result from a poor road or extremely bad weather will only affect the bus and not the other vehicles.

4. You can enjoy the scenery

A driver has to keep his or her eyes on the road, meaning that he or she will not get to look outside the window as the other passengers of fully engage in the stories going on in the car. However, when people are in a bus, they have all the freedom to look outside, play games, tell and attentively listen to stories, and even sleep because a professional is behind the wheel.

5. Buses are spacious

The huge size of buses is not only for them to carry more passengers, but they have enough space to carry a lot of luggage, which will not interfere with the passenger sitting space or their comfort. For long distance trips, buses also offer passengers the opportunity to stretch their legs, or even move from one seat to another. The movement keeps the passengers active and fresh, a good thing especially if the passengers are athletes who will need to be fresh when they reach their destination.