Apart from intensive training and practice, the other aspect that makes teams to win is team spirit. You will be amazed how a few minutes of team interaction can be beneficial in fostering team work in a game. For a long time, teams travelling for matches or tournaments are put in one bus for same day arrival. Everyone is involved with the team in one way or the other especially when the coach, nutritionist and patron are in the same bus too.

It is believed that being in the same place with your teammates for a long time enhances team spirit and this is true when you travel as a group. You get to interact at different levels other than the competitive level that got you together in the first place. This creates a sense of responsibility to each other and with time, individual interests are converted into team’s interests.

Teams travelling together have greater chances of winning unlike teams whose players travel on their own. It is in the last minutes before a game as they approach a venue that last minute strategies are formulated. Some teams have even been known to come up with secret codes as they travel which they use at games to face their rivals.