Group travel is never an easy thing. We look forward to the excitement, but forget about the hassles that are associated with it. The simple act of getting to and from an airport can prove to be an absolute mess if group members are allowed to make their own travel arrangements. The best way to ensure a hassle-free trip is to hire a coach or minibus to ferry the entire group. However, you will have to decide whether you need a minibus or a full-sized coach. Here are a couple of factors to consider while making your decision:

Size of the group: The number one factor that should be considered while deciding upon a coach or minibus is the size of the travelling group. You cannot simply count the number of people in the group and ignore the other aspects of travel, such as luggage. A minibus may seem ideal for a small group, but only if the luggage is also as small as the group. Many small groups, like athletes and sports teams, have too much sporting equipment and luggage for a minibus to handle by itself. Sometimes, it is more prudent to hire a coach, even if all the seats will not be occupied.

Traffic at destination: Quite often not all the group members need to be dropped off at the same location. Instead of having a coach make multiple stops, it would be a better idea to hire multiple minibuses to get the job done. Hiring the minibuses may be a bit more expensive, but helps travellers avoid a host of hassles. In major cities with traffic issues, a minibus can get around a lot more effectively that a big coach that always seems to be stuck in traffic.