Bus tours are a great way to see the country and the best part is that they are quite affordable. You can see Canada at its best by chartering a bus for a group tour. The availability of comfortable buses with experienced drivers means that you can enjoy your tour with this efficient and economical travel option. Booking a bus tour can take the stress out of planning your trip because you can depend on experts to drive, make hotel arrangements and even plan the itinerary.

1. Choosing the right tour

Choosing the right tour will make a huge difference when it comes to enjoying your vacation. A great tour will require a good itinerary and this means avoiding a scenario where most of the tour takes place inside the bus. When choosing a tour, avoid those that promise more sightseeing than is possible within the given time. Trying to take in too much will often mean that you spend virtually no time at each stop and you spend more time moving from one location to the next. Remember you cannot stretch the day.

2. The best transport

A good bus tour is incomplete without the right vehicle. If moving from one location to the next means putting up with an uncomfortable bus in poor condition, you cannot expect to enjoy the tour. It is important to choose the right vehicle and for this, you should consider using a reputable bus charter company when booking your transport. A good bus service will not only have the most comfortable buses, they will also have experienced and highly qualified drivers.

3. The accommodation

When booking a tour, find out the locations of the hotels on your itinerary. It helps to stay in centrally located hotels where you can maximize your sightseeing. To benefit from the full experience of your destination, you need to make accommodation arrangements that will enhance efficiency without costing you an arm and a leg. Check the list of hotels or other types of accommodation and choose the best ones for your trip. Locations with easy bus parking are often convenient for tour companies.

4. Planning activities

The activities you choose to participate in should help to enhance your tour. It is important to find out the options available in different locations but be wary of some of the “popular excursions” on offer as they might end up being places that are chock-full of tourists. If you are travelling with a group of friends or family, look for activities that everyone will enjoy. Places that offer different activities at the same location can help to cater for different interests.

5. Shopping for souvenirs

When shopping for souvenirs, it helps to shop around and avoid areas that target tourists as they might end up being quite costly. Carry out comparison-shopping to make sure that you get the best prices and do not rush into buying. Remember that you are out to enjoy the tour and you should not let anything or anyone push you into doing something you do not want to do. In addition, purchasing a map and good guidebook can give you the freedom that you need during your travels and can make great mementos when you have completed your trip.