The idea of playing games in a bus as it moves does not sound safe, but there are safe games you can play during a bus ride. If you are planning to travel with your children or friends any time soon, these games will make your bus ride worth the ride. They include:


1.    Word play – This is a fun game to try out the next time you travel. Divide people in groups of two, and give each group a set of words and let them use those words to name movie titles, song titles or TV shows that have the words in them. You can choose to ban the use of phones and iPads in the game. The duo with the most words gets to win.

2.    The name game – Similar to the word play game, this game only requires you to think. One version of the game has it that the first player will say a name that starts with the first letter of the alphabet. The second player will then give a name that starts with the last letter of the name given by the first player. The trend continues like that until the last player. One basic rule of the game is that no name should be repeated.

3.    Scavenger hunt – The players can help make a list of all the kinds of things one would expect to see on the way. These items could be animals, trucks, petrol stations or restaurants. Everyone then gets a copy of the list. The first person to locate all the items in the list wins. It is an easy and fun game, which will keep you occupied during long road trips.

4.    The geography game – This game engages the players mind on a new level. The instructions are very simple. The first player mentions the name of a city then the next player in line is expected to give a city that starts with the last letter in the previous city mentioned. This requires people to have knowledge on the names of cities around the world. A basic rule in this game is that if a player fails to give a city he or she gets out of the game.

5.    Crossword puzzles – Crossword puzzles are games you can play by yourself or engage your friends. You can use a normal crossword puzzle. One person should lead the team and the rest be divided into groups. The team leader can then give hints in the crossword puzzle and each group can try to figure out the word to fill in.

6.    Name that tune – This is an exciting game that you can even play with your children during the bus ride. It is a very simple game with simple rules. As the name suggests it involves naming the song. The facilitator will hum a song and the players then suggest the name of the song.

Take time and plan these games the day before you travel. Note all the ideas you have for the games and ask for assistance if you need. Your friends will definitely be excited about the games on your next bus ride.