Everybody is fairly aware that beach buses are commonly used for transport to beaches. But why exactly are they used? What really are the benefits associated with these beach buses?

For families or a group of friends who is planning to dedicate an entire day to beaches, beach buses really come in handy. This is because beach buses will usually have a schedule to follow, and in this schedule, they will take their passengers to different beaches. This will save a lot of time as you do not risk getting lost.

Even if you do not get lost, without beach buses and depend on public transport, the burden of waiting for their arrival will waste a lot of time. Also, because these beach buses take passengers to different beaches, you can also explore different beaches in the vicinity.

If you seek to spend the full day on the beach but find staying in one fixed location too boring and mainstream, you can go “beach-hopping” with low-cost or even free transport, just like how youths nowadays are “café-hopping”, except there are no café buses.

Cost and affordability

The cost of taking a beach bus is very affordable. It usually does not exceed five dollars (even five dollars is considered quite expensive). For families, the beach bus fee, if there is one, would be cheaper for kids. Some beach buses are also considered “beach shuttle buses” as they provide free service! Hence, as one study the benefits of taking a beach bus and consider the price to all these benefits, it is definitely an amazing deal that one simply cannot decline.


For big groups of people like families or class outings, the amount of beach equipment brought can be quite overwhelming. The large amount of belongings will not be able to fit into the trunks of conventional cars, even if more than one car is being used for transport. Furthermore, without beach buses, one can forget about the adventure of “beach-hopping” as the burden of heavy bags and equipment will be extremely cumbersome. Well, this problem can be fixed by beach buses as most of them have ample space to provide storage of your belongings. Transport is then made convenience, comfortable and enjoyable.

Salvage your own car’s tires

If there is anything dreadful about going to the beach, is that when you use your car as your means of transport, once it reaches the sandy beaches, their tires will be soon coated with sand. Sometimes the sand might even cause some irritable clogs to your tires. By resorting to the transport service from beach buses, your own car’s tires can be spared. Moreover, beach bus’ tires are built to be able to deal with sandy ground or rougher terrains.

Attractive packages

To promote the use of shuttle buses, sometimes organizations will incorporate it to attractive packages. Hence, besides just the shuttle bus service, you get to enjoy other benefits which are low in price or greatly discounted from the original one. For example, in the Savannah Beach of Barbados, the hotel’s free beach shuttle buses which take passengers to Copacobana beach named Carlisle Bay. The driver will drop you off at a beach bar, which is the venue of which you are supposed to sign in. You are then entitled to free drinks from that bar, beach beds and umbrellas. This is all an incorporated part of the Savannah Beach package, if you use the shuttle bus.

After a few hours, the driver will then fetch you back to the Savannah Beach hotel. Although this example is from a resort at Barbados, it is definitely not uncommon among many other hotels in different countries. This shows that besides the convenience which a beach bus in itself already offers, sometimes a bigger package lies behind it as well. What an array of good deals!


In the light of corporate social responsibility, reputation and legal requirements to meet in order to become roadworthy, you can be sure that beach buses will go through great efforts to maintain and uphold the safety of its passengers. Services which are of great quality would be place safety as its core value to live by and at the heart of all its execution.

A great deal of beach bus services (even shuttle ones) are associated with safety programs. For example, some companies run pre-employment and continuous drug and/or alcohol tests. Conducting strict background and record checks are also common nowadays. From the judgment of all these efforts, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands by relying on the service of good-quality beach buses.

For resort or hotel managements who are looking for exclusive Wasaga Beach coach rental, it is important to collaborate with a bus company which has the same desired quality as you do. Assuming that you only want the best for your customers, we are dedicated to giving our passengers satisfactory services that come with remarkable quality.