Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on any of the vehicles at any time.

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Canadian Rules – Rules for Drivers in Canada

Driver is allowed to drive 13 hours per day
Driver is not allowed to drive after 14 hours on duty
Driver is allowed a maximum of 70 hours in 7 days of on-duty and driving time
Driver must have one day off every 14 days
Driver must have a minimum of 8 consecutive hours off duty per day
Driver […]

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U.S. Rules – Rules for Drivers in the United States

While driving in the United States our drivers must follow these guidelines:

A driver can drive up to 10 hours, then must have 8 hours off duty before driving again
A driver may work for up to 15 hours, which includes both driving and not-driving duties. Once the 15 hour limit is reached, the driver […]

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I have other children, can I take them along to avoid babysitting fees?

Absolutely, so long as there is available space on the bus.

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Can I park the bus at home?

In order to ensure a driver is allowed to park at home, a calculation is made by our staff that will determine the feasibility of this decision.

The short answer however is yes. If the calculation proves feasible, our drivers are given the opportunity to park the bus at their home providing they […]

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Do I have to have a special license to drive a school bus?

Yes, a class B license is required to operate a school purpose vehicle. Kunkel Bus Lines does not require this license in order to extend an offer of employment as all training is done in house.

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