“What is the difference between a coach and a mini bus and a bus coach?” This is one question that has been asked so many times in the world of vehicle rental. Whenever a huge number of people need to go somewhere, they usually consider hiring a big vehicle. But they end up choosing between a mini bus and a bus coach. These two terms are often used interchangeably. But is there really a difference between them? If so, then what are those differences?



The most obvious difference between a mini bus and a coach is, of course, the size. Mini buses could accommodate fewer passengers than coaches. They could accommodate up to thirty passengers. Buses which could carry more than thirty but are not as luxurious as coaches are often referred to as midbusses. Coaches, on the other hand, could carry up to fifty-six passengers. Mini buses usually measure up to twenty-six feet while coaches could reach up to more than forty-seven feet in length.


Coaches are typically more comfortable than buses. They are more luxurious than their counterparts. Coaches have very comfortable seats that are declinable so that passengers could easily sleep on them. They also have washrooms in case passengers need to do some personal necessities. Entertainment features such as satellite radios, television monitors, and DVD players are available as well. To make coaches more comfortable, some owners install bars, vending machines, and other luxurious amenities.



Because of the size and available features, coaches are more practical when it comes to very long trips. They are used to minimize the pains of travelling. Imagine having to travel for twelve hours on a mini bus. That would be hard and very uncomfortable! It is for the reason of comfort that coaches are used by sports teams or musicians travelling from one place to another. Though small, there are also very practical uses for mini buses. Of course, they are more practical to use when it comes to short trips. A school field trip or family outings are just some instances where the use of mini buses is practical. Also, it is very practical to use mini buses as school service transports.


Since bus coaches offer luxurious amenities, you should not be surprised that they cost more than mini buses. Also, they could accommodate more passengers. Coaches also consume more fuel than mini buses. So if in case you ever decide to buy a coach, you might want to start shopping for one that is very efficient in fuel. Maintenance costs are higher with coaches as well.

Knowing the features of a mini bus and a coach can help you determine which one you should rent or even buy in the future. If you ever need a huge mode of transport, you can contact us. We, at Kunkel Bus Lines LTD. offer a wide range of mini buses or coach. All of the units in our fleet are guaranteed to make your trips very worthwhile!