Just last week, an incredibly heartbreaking tragedy happened on the road – a fatal crash. Two school buses were involved in an accident which resulted in death of two children of age 6 and 7, together with a teacher’s assistant. It is ineffable the degree of hurt and pain which the deaths of three innocent passengers had brought to their loved ones. Effort and thoroughness will be on huge demand to establish strong safety assurance. Organizations might need to look for certain features of a school bus service, which are not exactly common.


There are many controversies pertaining to the necessity of seatbelts on school buses, as the views are pretty disparate among a variety of stakeholders like manufacturers, transport authorities and even school bus drivers. Although there are some valid reasons of why people might think that seatbelts are unnecessary such as compartmentalization and less forceful impact, studies have shown that this mentality is starting to lose its stand.

According to The National Coalition for School Bus Safety, the government’s pertinent data is insufficient and outdated. They also stated that seat belts are important means of protection for the children. However, based on the widely accepted notion that bus seatbelts are not needed, only a handful of school buses have them incorporated into the vehicle. It would help a lot for you to seek out these handfuls for the safety of the children.

Frequent routine checks

Inquire about how frequent they conduct check-ups or inspection for requirement satisfaction. The condition of a bus would require constant maintenance. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), found that six children die on the road as passengers of school buses. Some people might think that the number is small and hence it is not worth stirring improvements in school buses. This mindset is wrong, as every child’s life is precious. NHTSA and many other authority figures want the annual number to be zilch.

• Frequent check-ups can include:

• The checking of the seatbelt’s quality

• The interior mechanics of the bus

• Testing bus drivers on what the safety regulations are to ascertain a charter service’s roadworthiness

So when hiring a bus, be sure that the frequency of their regular inspection meets your lowest standards.

Safety education

Safety education might sound like something you will receive only in junior high school as one of those boring assembly lectures. But authorities are starting to implement these kind of educational programs in the bus industry as well. North Little Rock’s Director of Transportation by the name of Tameula Smith is aware of what bus drivers have to deal with in a school bus. Acting on her concern and the heartbreaking accident which happened last week, she decides to implement a training program centralized on safety aspects. She will incorporate real-life cases into the training and use it as a platform for bus drivers to inspect what went wrong on the road, and then try to apply the derived lessons learnt into their own training.

This is a very direct and practical way of ensuring safety. Although this is a fairly new practice, there are also other bus driver safety programs with other companies (but not that common). But if you care extremely deeply for the children and want only the most secure and safe services, it’d be a good habit to find out if they are under any safety program

A company, which is under a safety program shows their own innate drive to ensure safety, instead of just wanting to meet minimum established requirements as these programs are not mandatory.

Providing administrative support

One thing is understood and that is: Being a school bus driver is anything but easy. When it comes to handling adults on the bus, safety assurance mainly comes from the bus’ functionality and bus driver’s carefulness on the road. With children, the bus drivers have to be aware of their own actions as well and make sure they behave.

For example, he must make sure that no one is standing up while the bus is on the move (this can be really difficult). In fact, the issue of children’s immature nature was one of the reasons why seatbelts are not so prevalently supported – kids are able to and have used heavy belt buckles as ‘weapons’ to hit other riders. They might think they are playing, but obviously in reality, they are injuring people.

Hence, it is greatly recommended that some people from the school organization also get on board and take care of the kids. You’ll help them with their seatbelts, ensure everyone’s seated at all times and ensure other aspects of safety discipline. Furthermore, since you have more time and experience with the kids, you’ll be able to deal with them better than any bus driver whose experience is only driving. A bus driver is not able to handle tens of children on his own, while keep his eyes on the road. Hence, a team of people can do a better job.

All in all, all these things mentioned are achievable. Just because a company does not currently have these features, it’s easily incorporated – their absence is not permanent. But it’s important to have a service which is in itself safety-minded – you can recommend some of these features to them and their safety-minded nature will weigh the consideration. For Hanover school bus rentals, you can contact us at Kunkel Bus Lines Ltd. where we place a stringent emphasis on safety.