A typical weekend for most people involves spending money on drinking, partying or even sightseeing. Many alcohol joints are packed to capacity and socializing goes on until the wee hours of the night. While this is a good way to catch up with friends and unwind after work, there are more ways of having fun with friends after a long week of hard work.

If you want to bring people together, invite them for a get together and make sure that there is lots of food and entertainment. This is a fun way to spend a weekend because people will have time for team building activities and making new friends. The advantage of such an event is that it does not have age restrictions so the old and young alike will be glad to participate.

If there is a destination not very far from where you live that you have always wished to visit, the weekend provides enough time to do so. Renting a van is not costly especially if you are going to fill it with people and food. You can decide to drive to a destination or go on a road trip all day and still have wonderful moments.