Travelling for long distances on the road is common especially between destinations within the same country. Because you sit for a long time, it is important that the interior of the bus is comfortable and the bus is driven in a way that does not cause the occupants to feel on edge all through the journey. Highway buses are made to accommodate more than fifty passengers to make travelling economical because the fuel consumption for long distances is huge. A typical bus crisscrossing the highways is made with special features:

1. For comfort of passengers these buses are fitted with luxury seats that can be reclined to create a lounge for the occupant. This allows for the passengers to sleep comfortably and even if you are travelling to report to work you can still start working immediately on arrival.

2. Most long distance buses offer refreshments on board according to individual preferences of the passengers. There is usually an assortment of cold and hot drinks to select from as well as snacks for accompaniment.

3. It is now possible to have washrooms in a bus but if the amenity lacks, it is catered for by frequent stopovers along the way. The drivers are aware of the needs of the travelers and will stop the bus at diners and motels where snacks can be bought too.