The modernized society of today has rapidly growing organizations. Firstly, they are growing in numbers as most organizations are containing more people today than ever before. Secondly, they are growing in scope; much of their activities, meetings or any form of related events take place in much more places other than their own headquarters or regular venue. This means that there are two needs which are on the prominent rise: effective means of transportation and vehicles with large carrying capacity. The solution seems obvious: charter services!

Charter services are becoming more and more prevalent among many organizations. Hence, it is important to be mindful of what to look for before hiring a bus to ensure the well-being of your people and make the ride worth what you have paid.


A bus company must always be fully aware of safety regulations. This is due to road disaster being a real and incredibly detestable threat, considering the fact that a lot of lives are at stake (not only the passengers of the hired bus, but also the lives of surrounding commuters on the road). Therefore, prior to hiring a bus, wisely make an effort to gauge the charter service’s capability of prioritizing utmost safety. For example, you can research or ask questions directly about the state or reputation of their maintenance engineers. These engineers are the ones in charge of mechanical aspects of the bus and its procedures and are hence largely responsible for their maintainability and reliability.

By knowing how good and thorough they are, you will be able to gauge how mechanically safe and free of defect (especially harmful ones) the bus is. This is only one of the ways of which you can check the company’s safety-related reliability. Other ways include checking the presence or condition of their seatbelts, if their service satisfies legal requirements or the company’s road history.


In this fast-paced society, time is one of the most precious possessions. Especially if you have a whole schedule ahead for the day, it is very crucial for you to stick to the planned timing as much as possible to avoid any complications between the communicating parties and execution of planned activities. This makes the virtue of punctuality a necessity for hired bus drivers to possess. Punctual buses will be able to ensure a smooth journey and schedule adherence. A charter service which arrives late all the time will cause a lot of problems and delay. Not only will you arrive late at the destination, but a whole array of schedule components will also have to be pushed back.

Furthermore, bus drivers who are frequently late also give the notion of irresponsibility – most of the time, this attitude can be expected to be seen in other aspects of the bus as well like safety or maintenance. Hence, at all costs, avoid buses which do not place enough emphasis on punctuality.

Reasonably priced

It is a good habit to want to save money. However, do not hire buses based solely on their prices. While deciding on which bus company to hire buses from, have two primary qualifiers in mind: price and quality. Make sure these two aspects meet in agreement. Too much emphasis placed on price without the inspection of quality is foolish and sometimes even harmful. Conversely, excessive attention to quality without considering your budget may result in unnecessary spending. Therefore, be diligent enough to research on your different options and then choose the satisfactory company which has the most equal mix of both price and quality.

Good reputation

The previously discussed necessities above are all valid factors of what makes a bus worth hiring, but the question is how are we going to find out which companies possess (or possess the lack of) these qualities? The answer is through its reputation. Some bus companies’ website contains various testimonies from previous users and hence you can refer to them.

Another possibility is checking out forums on the Internet or even some people in your social network who has used their service before. You can even check news articles and search for commentary passages on the services. Basically, the more opinion you gather about different charter services, the more accurate your estimation of their quality will get. Companies who are true to their responsibilities and ensure maximum customer satisfaction need not worry about bad labels at all as they will be highly regarded by anyone.

The demand for charter services are increasing. Economically speaking, one can expect the prices to rise because of these rising demands. For Listowel coach bus rental services, contact us at Kunkel Bus Lines Ltd. We uphold an impressive commitment of executing top notch quality in our services. Well, the most important thing is to make sure that the service you are receiving does justice to what you are paying.