If you have identified that your company’s employees need to improve their communication strategies, an excellent way to accomplish this goal is to design and implement a team building event. We’re going to show you exactly how to do this and it’s a lot easier that you think.

You Know Your Goal, Now Create A Theme


Ontario offers the perfect landscape for a survivor team building simulation. Your employees will be immersed in their team building day if you create a scenario where they need to communicate effectively to reach civilization. Luckily, there are a huge number of equestrian centers in the Ontario area and trained instructors will be more than happy to take your employees on a fun-filled jaunt around local tracks. Create a survivor-style team building event in order to enhance team performance and improve marketing and communication strategies. Let your employees ride out along a trail under the supervision of equestrian instructors and then complete various team building tasks on their way back!

Getting There Is Half The Fun!

Ensure that team building begins from the moment you leave the office! Find a local Ontario transportation company that offers great coaches for all of your employees to travel in safety, comfort and style. Use the bus ride to show motivational survivor-type videos on the bus’ entertainment system to get everyone fired up to the survival challenge you have in store. Ensure that you hire buses from a company with trained drivers, full insurance and a proper license.

Plan By Taking The Tour


Planning your teambuilding event is easy if you contact the equestrian center before hand and enlist their help. Check your budget, look at the tours they offer and then go yourself on one of the tours. On the return leg, select three key locations, such as a stream, a clearing and a rock-face where you’ll plan to hold three excellent team-building activities. Adventurous activities that enhance communication include raft building, tent making and an ‘assault-course’ of cones that your employees must navigate. You could plan to station one employee on each station to instruct and guide everyone else as they pass through.


On the day, your chosen bus company will whisk you to the equestrian center and your adventure will begin! When you arrive at the equestrian center give your team a briefing about the three events they must complete on their return. Let your three station leaders travel to and set up their station earlier and then divide everyone else into three teams. Stagger the times that they set off to ensure that each team gets a chance to experience each event. When everyone returns, hold a wrap-up meeting to see what challenges they faced and how they overcame them through communication. Try to reach a group consensus about which communication strategies were most effective.

Travel Home Safely And In Comfort


Round off the day with a well-earned rest for all of your employees on an executive coach. These seat up to 24 people in comfort and come stocked with the latest entertainment systems such as stereos and widescreen TVs. Your staff will be sure to have found the day pleasing and memorable and will have felt that their communication skills have been enhanced. Call a transportation company today to see the great rates they can offer you!