A corporate team building event, increasingly referred to as an ‘away-day’, is an opportunity for your business to enhance cooperation between employees while producing quantitative, measureable results. Safety is a huge part of a productive, enjoyable event and today we’ll be sharing the best ways to accomplish your goals safely. Read on for some sure-fire ways of making your next event stress-free!

Choose Activities That Address YOUR Business’ Challenges


Team building events can sure be fun, but they can leave many employees scratching their heads and wondering what the purpose was! This is a legitimate concern and you have to listen closely to the management’s vision for the event. For example, an internal survey might point to communication between staff being an area for improvement. You need to find activities and challenges that stimulate and improve employees’ communication skills in order to have a productive team building event. If you hire a firm to conduct activities, ensure that they understand the goals you are trying to achieve with your team building event.

Carry Out A Risk Assessment

If you will be running the activities, it’s essential that you follow your company’s protocol for running risk assessments. Trial the activities and use your company’s checklist to ensure that activities don’t put employees in undue risk. If you are hiring a firm, check that they carefully vet their employees, have a proper license and full insurance. You should visit ahead of time to inspect the activities on offer and make sure that they are conducted with the appropriate safety gear. Only hire firms that offer full liability insurance in case an employee is injured while participating.

Find A Reputable Transport Firm


If you aren’t careful, a middle manager can turn up at the event in their new car and ruin the team-building vibe. An essential part of team building is that everyone travels together and bonds along the way. Your job is to ensure that you hire a reputable transport firm who won’t let you down. Ferrying all employees to the team building event venue is no mean feat and you’ll need to carefully vet transport companies before selecting the best one. You should check that they are licensed, insured and have properly trained drivers who know the route and will stick to the schedule. You should only book with firms that meet your safety requirements and don’t endanger staff by skimping on quality.

Choose The Right Bus

The goal of a good team building session should be to give employees new tools and strategies that they can use to resolve business challenges. If your event is quite far from your office, choosing the right bus can be an ideal way to ensure that safety standards are fully met. By making a safety plan of which employees sit together, you can implement the ‘buddy system’ and have all members of your team support each other. This can help your team to address any difficult situations they enter into and peer support will help to increase participation of all members.