One of the most kid-friendly places in Southwest, Ontario, Kitchener hosts a lot of things that kids and the kids-at-heart will love during the winter break. If you are planning to pay a visit to this city that seats Waterloo, a Regional Municipality, and you want your kids to have a fun and great time, the following things can be included in your list of winter activities.

Drayton’s Entertainment theatre plays

Drayton Entertainment hosts a series of plays that Disney fans will surely love. For the winter season, it will be hosting The Little Mermaid and Snow White. The plays hosted by the company changes from time to time and run on a limited period only so you better check what is up for grabs and see what is currently being played at the Kitchener Waterloo area. We are sure that you will have a great family winter tradition with any of the theatre plays hosted by Drayton Entertainment.

The Waterloo Park’s Wonders of Winter

The Waterloo Park will be hosting this year’s Wonders of Winter with lights on until New Year’s Eve. There are also Trolley and Concession nights in the park. These ones are commonly held at different times and dates so you better check which one you will be able to celebrate with your kids.

Kitchener’s Market celebration


During Tuesdays, you can bring your young ones to experience the Kitchener Market which hosts a free children’s event every week. This runs from 11 am to 12 noon and come with performers who will certainly entertain your tots. Art Innovators are also hosting ‘Squiggles to Grins’ during Thursdays. This is a fun creative, hands-on art experience that you and your kids will surely remember during your visit to Kitchener. You can also enjoy stories told at the Kitchener Public Library Space, an activity that takes place in Kitchener’s Market every Saturday from 9 am to 11 am. There are also other activities like Christmas parties with Santa Claus and even crafts making. Make sure you check with Kitchener Market for their schedule.

Crafts and games for winter

You can also get your kids to enjoy crafts and games altogether when you pay a visit to the Wilson Education Resource Centre. Admission for this programme is free but they will be happy to receive donations for the rehabilitation of their Science Lab. Get to enjoy a performance from the WERC Choir. This event will take place on December 19.

Reindeer fun and Christmas market

Your kids will surely love the whole experience of getting reindeer treats at the Kitchener Market who will welcome kids in the kitchen on December 20 from 10 am to 12 noon. This runs simultaneously with a Christmas market where carollers will give you a bountiful and delightful treat singing the most beautiful and popular holiday songs.

Victorian Christmas

Bring the warmth of Christmas cheer to your children’s hearts with the Victorian Christmas where you will be guided to a tour of the King’s home decorated festively for this season. You will need to reserve at the Woodside National Historic Site to enjoy the fun though. This comes with a sample seasonal baking that can be enjoyed well with your choice of coffee and tea.

Movie marathon

Free movie marathons are being shown at the Central Library. This is a perfect way to spruce up the holidays and begin the Christmas break with your kids. You can simply drop by to watch what is showing on the big screen. For this season, the Kung Fu Panda movie marathon is scheduled on December 22.

A visit to Kitchener’s city hall

There are a lot of great events hosted by Kitchener City Hall that kids will surely love. Live entertainment runs at the Civic Square from 7 pm until midnight plus there is also a Canadian Toy Con throwback party held inside the Rotunda. A variety of other events are scheduled by the City Hall. Make sure you check on what’s up for your winter holiday visit to Kitchener.

Waterloo Public Square activities

There are a lot of fun-filled activities that your kids will surely love at the City of Waterloo. The Public Square has a lot of New Year’s Eve interactive activities for the kids. You can also have a sip of your favourite drink whilst watching the show in store for these dates. Watch out for an exciting line-up of activities that will surely make closing the year 2014 a memorable one.

It is with no doubt that Kitchener has a lot of great things to offer for you and your kids. These kid-friendly activities change from time to time though depending on the venue. You may want to check on all of them to see what you would expect for your visit. You may also want to try our Kitchener school bus rental service to bring you and the kids there.