Taking kids to school every day can be very cumbersome especially if you need to go to work in the opposite direction. While doing it yourself can be labor intensive, there is an option in many schools either as part of the regular program or as a side arrangement by parents. Usually, a bus is made available every morning with which to ferry children to school and return them home in the evening.

School transport operates on a planned program that is in line with the timetable. Therefore, this requires that kids are at designated spots at certain times of the day when the bus is expected to pick them. If a child is not where they are supposed to be at pick up then the driver can take a few more minutes or call the parents or just decide to proceed on to the next stop forcing the child to report to school using their own means.

Using a school bus is a good way to track the whereabouts of your child because if they miss in the bus, everyone else will notice. The chances of getting lost or derailed for children are unheard of with school transport because there can only be two drop off points: the school compound and back home.