Buses are an old means of travel but the changes in technologies have transformed them from orgers into modes of transport people always look forward to. They are on time, and if it is a long distance, they are comfortable. However so are planes and they are faster; so there are many things that planes out do buses but the buses are not to be written off.

Things have changed and this has led to changes in the industry and this means that you could actually have a dilemma when it comes to choosing between flying and using a bus. This shows you just how such things have changed. Think about it, it is cheaper to travel in a bus compared to a plane, the sightseeing is there in both and the following have been incorporated making the decision even harder:

1. Classes

Many people travel economy class on airplanes, but there also first class where you get all the comfort. To beat this, buses have come up with classes but the main difference is the type of chair and the legroom. However, the comfort is almost the same as the airplane, today you will find people who prefer to be in first class in a bus and they can get this service easily. You therefore have the ability to choose between first and second-class but the difference is only the type of seat how far it can recline and where it is located in the bus.

2. Attendants

Attendants are synonymous with airplanes and they are there to take care of client needs. They also have all the information you might need on the journey and sometimes have the ability to be temporary tour guides. The interesting thing about buses today is that there is at least one attendant to take care of the passengers, pass the water and show the passengers the way to go, give tem directions and incase of anything they communicate it to the passengers.

3. Air conditioning

It is uncomfortable moving from one climate to another, this could be uncomfortable if the buses did not have an air conditioning unit to cool or warm the inside of the bus. This is the most comfortable aspect for most people, we normally are asked if our buses have air conditioning before they inquire about the legroom and reclining seats and that seems very important to many people.

4. Reclining seats

Planes have reclining seats; they have always had reclining seats. However, there have been some changes in the airplanes with some airlines resorting to have the reclining seats only in first class. However, the buses have upped their game making all their seats apart from the back seat reclining and with both armrests available. Some buses also provide cup holders and provide disposable glass holders.

5. Leg room

Long journeys can be tedious and at the same time very tiresome; the changes that buses have made in their industries as mentioned above are complimented by the fact that there is enough legroom, which makes sure that your feet are stretched, and they have blood flowing in them. This reduces your fatigue levels and makes sure you enjoy the journey.