In the modern day competitive market, companies have to go to great lengths to ensure that their employees are happy and satisfied. This includes ensuring that an executive’s travel and accommodation arrangements are the best possible. The last thing an executive needs is to suffer through a miserable journey and then be expected to close an important business deal. Travel arrangements for a single executive can be difficult enough, but to have to make arrangements for a group of executives can be downright frustrating. Here are a couple of top tips to help ensure that making travel arrangements for a group of executives is not too much of a hassle:

– Always book the airline tickets as early as possible. Although it is a general rule, it certainly applies best for such a situation. The number of business class seats in a flight is very limited and no one wants to deal with the upset executive who was unlucky enough to land economy class seats.

– Getting to and from an airport can be very stressful, especially in big cities. Have all the executives ferried to the airport together in a rented minibus. Not only will they reach the airport or destination in comfort, it will also ensure that no one is late. Most minibus rental companies offer vehicles with charging points for laptops and wireless Internet services.