It is a wonderful moment travelling in a bus as a group. Buses as well as other kinds of vehicles are systems and therefore prone to malfunction which makes them unfit to move. While it is always safer to remain inside a bus even when it has technical problems, there are instances when evacuation needs to be done.

1. When the bus you are travelling in catches fire, then you will need to make a quick exit to escape a possible explosion. Remember that the fuel inside the bus’ engine may leak and cause a huge fire which you do not want to be caught in.

2. You might have tipped over a cliff and the bus you are travelling in takes a couple of rolls. Just to make sure that no one is injured and avoid any more rolls when it has finally stopped, evacuation needs to be done. It is really a sensitive scenario to be in a bus that has one set of wheels balanced over a cliff. Shifting the weight of the bus to the side that is still on the ground is recommended to prevent it from tipping over. Evacuation will still be needed here as help is called upon to pull out the bus.

To avoid injury and shock, the evacuation should be done in an orderly and organized manner preferably by a trained coach bus driver.