For your next trip, consider going with a minibus, and here are the steps that you will need to follow, for you to have a good experience.

1. The first step is to speak with a representative from the bus company. You can do it over the Internet, phone or face-to-face. The person is in the best position to answer your queries and give you accurate quotes. Relying on websites only may leave you with outdated offers for a given service. Speak to representatives from different companies.

2. After you get the price, ask about other charges and how their application. Extra charges include charges for fuel. Ensure that these are part of what you are paying to avoid future surprises.

3. When you are done with price quotes, check the terms and conditions of the company. Confirm that there is proper documentation of all related charges that would accrue in the trip. A company may quote very low prices just to get the job and one must ensure that additional charges will not transform the cheap service into an expensive one. If you find something that is not clear on the terms and conditions of the company, seek clarification before paying for the mini bus.

You should ask for discounts on the trip and the procedure for getting them. Do not assume anything on the agreement documents and always keep a copy of all documents to make sure you are paying for exactly what you ask for.