Transport is an essential way for the word today, it is important to get from one place to another and to do it in style and comfort. These two aspects are the most crucial factors when you are choosing how to travel and how to get where you are going.


We are experts or rather talented into making sure that you get where you are going in style and that you are comfortable. However, we notice that there are two major forms of transportation that have made an impact in many metropolitan areas and State-to-State journeys; the trains and the buses.

The trains have become the mode of transport in major cities with subways taking shape in major cities. Trains and buses borrow from each other only that one goes on rails and the other moves on the conventional roads. This is a comparison between what we love to call the big two in terms of transportation.

1. Comfort

According to surveys, buses beat the trains in comfort because they offer sitting positions and do not allow standing passengers. They have reclining seats, and ensure that you can have a window to open in case of anything. They are also safer in terms of emergencies because they come with seat belts and their speeds are not as neck breaking as the subways.

However, apart from the subway, the transnational is comfortable and has a lot of privacy because it comes with compartments where you can book and sit with your companions.

2. Privacy

The fact that the seats come in doubles and are made in such a way you can enjoy your book, movie or music without immediate distraction makes buses beat trains again. The privacy is more enhanced at night because there are lights and earphones dedicated to the seat so that you can enjoy the ride and get where you are going as comfortable as ever.

3. Manageable

This is a tie between the train and the bus; it is all about who owns the train and how they run it. It is the basic principle of management of machinery. You should take note of how your machinery is running and make sure that they are serviced regularly.

It is also easy to manage them in terms of money flow; the ticketing is always easy because the records are always there and losses can be noticed. You could be out of town but if you have an efficient ticketing and billing system, there will be no losses. It is a matter of policy so if the company has good policy; it would be a tie.

4. Go’s everywhere

The transnationals are all over the country and therefore this becomes a tie. Buses and trains go everywhere and this means it all boils down to what you want and the kind of services they offer or what you want and if they have it.

5. Security

Both modes of transport have adequate security and have people to enforce it and therefore they tie in this one. It is all a matter of choice and convenience depending on what you want, personal preference.