When it comes to travelling or going out with a large group of friends, hiring a coach bus might be a little too expensive and unnecessary. Instead there is an awesome alternative: hiring a minibus! The benefits of hiring a mini bus cover a wide range of aspects from financial to environmental areas. Let’s explore, shall we?

Spending time together on the go

When planning a fun road trip with your friends, the whole point of it is to spend undisrupted time together. Nonetheless usually some time is wasted on the road. Most people drive three or four cars for a group of about ten to fifteen people to commute, hence the unified feeling will have to be put on hold. But not for a minibus!

People often picture minibuses to be very crammed and uncomfortable but in actuality, if you really hire a minibus and experience it for yourself, you will find that there is ample space. Although the space is indeed shared, the feeling leans towards cozy more than crammed. This way, everyone can communicate and bond together, even while on the road.

Well maintained minibuses

You’ll have to admit that not everyone take extra good care of their own cars. Some people might have cars which are already old with an odd odor or cluttered. However, companies of minibuses have certain requirements (in order to prove roadworthiness) and a reputation to uphold. Hence, most of them are very clean and carpeted. You, together with all your friends, will then be able to enjoy the clean ventilation and facilities instead of enduring someone’s stuffy old car.

Flexible variety

Most minibus companies accommodate to varying budgets. If you have a little more extra cash and want to look for top-notch facilities, go ahead splurge on a chauffeur, extra rooms, plasma screens, fancy lights and blackened windows! However if you’re kind of on a shoestring budget, you can leave out these additional features and settle for a nice standard minibus hire. Hence, you do not have to go through the hassle of saving up a heavy load of money to pay for something which way beyond your budget’s capacity.

Affordability that meets your budget

For one, a minibus is much more affordable than an actual coach hire. The reasons are obvious. Some people might think that using their own car is cheaper since there is no need for any kind of rental. However, if you are travelling for very long distances there is the issue of gas money. Furthermore, if you rent a minibus, since there will be a large number of people using it; the cost can be equally split among the whole group. Due to a lower headcount as cost dividers, the amount each person pays will be very low.

Insurance is a given

Most minibus companies have payments which include insurance costs. Any accident or any form of serious emergency will be covered with due compensations.


Most of the time when you are travelling, you will be going to places that you have never been and you would not be familiar with the location. The probability of you getting lost will be quite high. Furthermore, if twenty people is scattered, the complication of the situation will be burdensomely aggravated. Precious time which could be spent visiting wonderful places is wasted, as if it wasn’t already limited enough.

With a minibus and a trained driver, you will be able to hop from location to location with highly minimized time wastage. What’s even more awesome is that you do not have to waste more time waiting around for public buses or trains to commute. This wastes time as well, even if you are not lost. You can plan an itinerary and be sure to complete everything as planned if you’re in the hands of a well-trained minibus driver.


Travelling is inevitably affiliated with the burden of the backbreaking need to carry large, rock heavy bags. Due to the ample space that a minibus provides, your entire crew can store their luggage and belongings in the minibus without the worry of losing them.

Environmentally friendly

Compared to using three or four cars, using one minibus to cater everyone will emit far less gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Although cars nowadays all have catalytic converters, a hundred percent efficiency is not quite possible. Hence, the accumulated amount of gases emitted by a number of cars will do more environmental harm than a single minibus. It might be difficult to be mindful about the environment when it comes to make this kind of decision; however, it’s incredibly healthy and needful for you to indeed be environmentally concerned as global warming is becoming more and more a real threat in these coming decades.

Hiring a minibus is not that common a habit among group travelers yet but it’s about time we make it popular! People are just not aware of them, and some people might not even know that minibuses are available for rent. By sharing the availability of minibuses, people can find much more comfort and convenience, and environment health can be largely improved due to fewer vehicles on the road. For Kincardine minibus rentals, you can contact us at Kunkel Bus Lines Ltd. We provide our clients with high quality minibuses for their transport needs.