Many companies have staff transportation services in place within their organizational structure. While some companies feel that they are obligated by their social status to provide transport, others view the benefits as the driving force for hiring staff transportation services. With this kind of arrangement, you do not have to bring your car to work every day and having car problems is not in the list of problems that cause you to be late for work.

1. Employee retention means more than giving monetary benefits to them. By making your members of staff feel like they are saving their income through cutting on transport costs, you are able to retain them for a long time. People like to stick around places where they can have a gain by feeling that their welfare is being considered.

2. Having its own transport plan gives a company control over planning for work within their premises. They are able to plan for reporting times and departure times based on their transport schedules. Company buses do not make long stops for passengers and therefore employees are guaranteed to reach to the office faster and more relaxed. You do not have to wake up early so that you can beat the traffic in your area.