Renting a bus for your tour offers many advantages over using other means of transport. The bus passes through the main attractions of the tour rather than over or along them. If you are taking your camera, using a bus will allow you to have the best shots. A bus is higher than a car and gives you a wider panorama view.

After your trip, you can say you were in a particular place, and use the photos to prove it. The bus can stop at restaurants where passengers get refreshments, do a little shopping before continuing with the trip. You can make prior arrangements with a restaurant for a personal service.

The cost of getting an economy ticket for a plane is quite high compared to renting a bus for a group of five or ten people. The comfort of the bus surpassed that of a rented car or an economy class. Renting a bus offers customizable options like taking you to places that are outside the normal road grid without incurring additional costs in insurance or rental fees.

The bus offers a large storage area for your luggage, more than you would find in a rented car. With these benefits in mind, it seems the best way to travel and tour.