Many companies own buses which they use to transport their staffs from one location to another. For the employees of such organizations, the savings they make on daily transport costs plus the time savings from organized systems cannot be overlooked. Usually, qualification for transport in such buses is just to be an employee of the given organization. Corporate buses are driven by company drivers who are in the company payroll.

A company bus is a good publicity tool because the bus will be branded just like the company wants it. It is common to have the logo of the company printed in all manner of fashion to attract attention. The bright colors of the paintwork attract attention to the bus and this is one of the many ways a company can advertise its products or services. It works in the same way as billboard advertising only that it moves from one place to another.

Company buses cannot engage in commercial ferrying of customers because they have no public transport licenses. By acquiring a company bus, the assets of such a company are increased and the worth of a business goes up. Keeping the bus in top notch condition involves the services of a good mechanic and careful handling when being driven.