We would like to think that travelling has become easier over time. In reality though, travelling has in fact become more difficult. After navigating through a maze of traffic on the way to the station or airport, travellers then have to deal with long queues at check-in and security points; various factors collude with each other to ensure that a trip is not hassle-free. Even the most seasoned travellers struggle to keep up with the endless rules and demands of airline and airport authorities. Travelling alone can be quite a hassle indeed, but travelling in a group brings about its own plethora of issues. Here are a few helpful tips for groups seeking to enjoy a trouble-free journey:

– The worst thing that can happen when people travel in a group is an individual getting left behind. In order to minimize the chances of someone getting lost, implement the ‘travel buddy’ system. Pair up every person with a travel buddy who will be responsible for each other. If there are an uneven number of members in the group, then one person can be appointed as travel supervisor and be responsible for things like headcounts.

– Nothing delays a group’s progress like stuffing up a single kiosk at the immigration desk. An unhappy and irate immigration officer is not likely to clear the whole group any faster. It is best to approach immigration kiosks two people at a time (this is where the travel buddy system kicks in). The baggage collection areas can be nominated as the met-up point for the entire group.

– To keep things simple, it is best if the entire group arrives and leaves the airport together, especially in a city that they are visiting and are not too familiar with. Renting a coach or minibus is a great way to ensure that the group does not split up and no one gets lost in an unfamiliar city.