Renting a party bus is the most preferred mode of transportation for bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings parties and other festive events. It is also great if you are looking for a safe way to transport friends, family and employees to and from outings, sports events or even concerts. Most people are fond of saying that the event or trip was awesome, but they probably didn’t get the most of that bus rental service for the event. Below are some tips to help you make the most and have a smooth ride when renting that party bus:

Make reservations

A wedding season may mean that you have to make arrangements a year out. And at minimum, you may want to reserve at two months in advance and go ahead to confirm the reservations a week before the D-day. Usually, weddings and other special occasions are held during weekends or holidays and this is the time reservations are a bit tricky to make because everyone else is looking to make their event a success.

Plan the details

Most companies will want to know more about you and the event so that they can arrange for other things such as decorations. And other companies do specialize in certain events. You need to have an idea especially about the number of people riding, the distance you expect to ride and the hours you may spend during the ride and event. It is proper to pad a little extra in terms of the time it will take and the number of people for each of these categories.

Choose your vehicle

Vehicles are not the same when it comes to facilities or even the services offered in there. Just like it is said “not every limo is a stretch and not every limo is a sedan,” the same applies to the buses. It is important to know what you want and what services will be the most ideal for you and your friends or families.

Plan for refreshments

One sure way to have part of the fun of renting the bus is by starting the party way before you arrive at the event. So, check with your company about its offerings for foods and beverages and if there are any policies.

Consider your music

Most companies do offer satellite radio so you can enjoy your ride to and fro. However, you may want to bring your own music on your mix CD or iPod. It is proper to discuss this preference in advance. Also, involve a few friends in deciding the kind of music that will suit every one.

Plan your routes too

Are you planning to make stops along the way or are you going straight to the destination? It is important to plan this because sometimes going straight to the destination can be tiring if the journey is long. Make sure that you inform your bus rental company and the driver of your expected tour.

A tip isn’t bad

It is customary to tip any driver and this should be 18% to 20% of the base price. However, some bus companies do add the tip automatically to the price. If the company leaves the tipping to you, then it is proper to prepare the tip yourself.

Put the kettle on

Some buses are equipped with small kitchens with kettles, microwave and toasters to make the trip livelier. If you are a team going for a show, don’t bring the show in the kitchen. You will end up tripping the circuit breakers on your bus.

What is the driver’s name?

It is common to hear people shouting out at their friends to ask the driver to turn that A/C on or to speed up or even slow down especially when it is cold or bumpy. Although it is not wrong to do so, it is not wise to keep calling the driver as “driver”. Find out their name, and make sure you ask them yourself. You should note that the driver is now a member of your team, so treat them as part of your team. And it will be fun trip for everyone.

Keep it safe

Since the departure time, the bus has become your home, so security should be in everyone’s mind. It is therefore important that the doors are locked at all times when on the road and when you leave the bus. Some party buses can be locked from the outside, but it is important that you check with your for these details.

Check out the bus rental provider

To get the best value for your money, it is prudent to check reviews and referrals in order to hire the best company. Your bus rental service should not be a random choice so it is always important to do ample research to select a worthy party bus rental provider.

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