Employers are always looking to bring the best out of their employees so that they are more efficient. Team building exercises and team bonding events are the best way to motivate the entire office. As far as team bonding events are concerned, nothing is as effective as a good old-fashioned office picnic. It allows employees to see each other in a different light and a team that plays well together also works well together. Here are some top tips to help you organize the perfect office picnic:

– Select a location that does not take a long time to get to. If most of the time is spent in travelling to and from the location then there is very little time left for employees to actually enjoy themselves. Look around online to find location suggestions; you may be surprised to find a number of picnic spots within big cities and towns.

– Hire a coach or minibus to shuttle employees to and from the picnic spot. You can let the employees make their own travel arrangement, but that would rob them of the opportunity to have some amazingly good fun time together. Besides, after a day of fun and frolicking, they will be too tired and a rented coach or minibus can save them a lot of hassle.

– Make sure the activities at the picnic reflect the employee demographic. Ideally, there will be some sort of activity for everyone to indulge in, ranging from simple hikes to extreme sports.