Sports teams aren’t just about the game anymore. Professional sports leagues are big business and the on-field success or failure of a sports team reflects in the financial accounts of the organization. As a result, sports teams go to great lengths to ensure that their athletes are always comfortable and have everything taken care off. They even have an entire department dedicated to ensure that all travel arrangements have been met and that the athletes reach their destination in comfort and in a hassle-free manner.

The biggest professional teams have their own private jets and massive buses decked out in the team colours. Not all sports teams can afford luxury like that. However, it is possible to charter aircrafts and buses to ensure that athletes do not have to face the hassles of travelling via a commercial airline or bus service. Besides, no self-respecting sports organization would have their team members caught getting down from a regular travelling bus service. Sometimes, due to the massive distances involved, chartering a plane is the best option. However, luggage capacity on planes is low and athletes usually have a lot of equipment to take with them. This is why chartered buses are excellent and are the preferred mode of transportation for most sports teams.