Travelling at night for many people is a good way to save time because the cool temperatures of the night will help you relax and sleep. Many people save on accommodation costs this way when they have a day or two of visiting a place that is several hours drive away. The day is set aside for business while the nights that sandwich it are used for travel. Buses that are used for long distance night travel are made to facilitate sleep because there can be no sightseeing in the dark.

The windows of night coaches are either tinted or fitted with curtains which are let down when darkness sets in. This is seen as a security measure as well as comfort aspect for the occupants of the bus. While it may not be possible to switch off the lights inside the bus, drawing curtains ensures that people on the outside are not able to view the inside of the bus.

Night buses are made to be self contained complete with washrooms and kitchens as well as mini bars for those who would want to take one for the road. There are other amenities like music, TV sets and air conditioners installed for the comfort of the travelers.