A city located in Southwest Ontario, Guelph is best-noted for its low crime rates, high standard of living and a clean environment. Every tourist who comes and pays a visit in this city will surely appreciate what it has to offer. If you are thinking of dropping by to the place in your visit to Ontario, it would be good to plan ahead. Here are some activities to include in your itinerary.

Shop at downtown Guelph


There are many things to do when visiting downtown Guelph. First, you can drop by Old Quebec Street Shoppes and enjoy the little boutiques where you can do your shopping. What make these shopping areas fascinating is not just the goods found in each store. It would be the scenic downtown sites you will come across with as your traverse the city on foot. One such site to see is the Covered Bridge, a simply wonderful piece of architecture worth walking on during the day.

Get a glimpse of captivating architectural structures

You can also get a breathtaking view of the highest point this city has to offer, that is, the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. You can choose to walk around this 1888-founded structure or book a tour to the site. From here, you can also get a glimpse of McCrae House, the home of Colonel John McCrae who authored the poem “In Flanders Fields.”

Have a leisure tour around the city

Apart from getting a glimpse of the architectural sites Guelph is best-known for, you may also take some time out to have leisure whilst enjoying this city. For one, you can take the guided walking tour by the Guelph Arts Council. Simply check information regarding the Walking Tour via Guelph Tourism. If you want you can also opt to have a self-guided tour of the downtown. Additionally, you may also experience wearing the Biltmore Hat and appreciate why Mad Hatters have been saying that Guelph is their home since 1917.

Eat your heart out

There are many places in Guelph where you can simply eat then drink and be merry. Pubs, cafés and restaurants line up the city’s streets waiting for guests who will try their cuisine. Add to that, you can enjoy a local draft whist having a chit-chat with locals. There are certainly a lot of great finds that will fulfill your gastronomic content. Some examples are ‘Eric the Baker’, ‘Babelfish Bistro’, ‘The Joint Café’, ‘Bin23′, ‘Buon Gusto’ and ‘Delhi Street Bistro’ amongst others. These top-rated places have been loved by locals and tourists alike.

Try a different kind of adventure whilst travelling the city

You may certainly love the thought of walking or driving around the city. But if you want to taste what Guelph has to offer, it would also be a good idea to try renting kayaks or canoes and try what they call the Speed River Paddling. This whole new concept of getting a glimpse of the city will make the sightseeing endeavour even more exciting for you and your friends.

Experience outdoor fun

Outdoor fun in Guelph is not just about walking the streets of the city. It would also mean enjoying a free concert staged at St. George’s Square. This event takes place every Friday afternoon and is sponsored by the Downtown Board. You can even invite friends as you enjoy this free concert.

A visit to Guelph will not be complete without going around Guelph Lake Conservation Area

A perfect place for all those recreational activities, the Guelph Lake Conservation Area sits over a 3,871-acre lot. Constructed in 1974, this place has a lot of great sights and activities from camping to swimming to picnicking to cycling to fishing to hiking. You may also try canoeing, windsurfing, non-powered boating and sailing over this area. Get captivated by the two beaches on the area and visit their snack bar. You can also use a bike to get around it. Go to the nature centre with your children and you can enjoy the programming there.

Don’t let your kids miss the fun

Yes, there are a lot of things to do in Guelph where your kids will surely have a lot of fun. You can bring them to the Lattice Covered Footbridge and relax at The Boathouse for some ice cream or light snack later. Try the Golpher’s Glow in The Dark Indoor Mini Golf Course and have fun wearing white as you play the challenge in their 53-course par. You may also bring them to the Guelph’s Children Museum and make them see and learn what is happening in the world around us.

There are indeed a lot of great things to do when you visit Guelph. You will surely feel less stressed out if you try booking for services that will give you a tour around the city. Consider a Guelph mini bus rental today – you and your friends will definitely have a good time!