One big dilemma that you often face once you enter a bus is which seat you should take. Should you take the front seats, take the middle ones, or go further beyond to get the back seats? Here are some considerations to make when it comes to choosing seats on the bus.


Front seats

• Allows you to get off easier – Among the perks that you can get from seating at the front seats is that you can get off the bus a lot easier. So if you are in for a long trip and the bus has to make frequent stops, you will be among the first ones to exit the bus and go to the restroom or the souvenir shop. In case of emergencies, it would be advantageous for you if you can get off the bus as quickly as possible.

• Less chances of motion sickness – Do you have motion sickness? If so, it is advised for you to seat at the first several seats of the bus. People are less likely to get sick when seated at the front seats. Just bring a throw-up bag in case of emergency.

• More space – The front seats are usually reserved for the disabled and even for the seniors. Most of the time, they are more spacious than the other seats. If you would want to be able to stretch your legs during the trip then you will love the front seats. Just make sure you are not depriving any disabled individual or senior from those seats.

Back seats

• Free from engine noise – Among the top disadvantages of seating at the front is that you will have to deal with the engine noise. This is true most especially with the buses where the engines are situated beneath them. If you do not want to get bothered with the engine noise, go seat at the back.

• Can be a bit bumpy – The problem with seating at the back is that your ride can get a little bit bumpy. If you want to take a nap, then seating at the back can get a little bit inconvenient for you. That is why the back seats are where usually those who do not plan to sleep seat.

• Near the washroom – Most buses have washrooms situated at the back. If you have to use the washroom frequently, then it would be very convenient for you to take one of the back seats.

Middle seats

Middle seats do not really have distinct features but they get the best of both the front seats and the back seats. In short, they are just so-so. Take the middle seats if you can’t decide between the front seats and the back seats.

Apply these tips whenever choosing a seat in a bus. You can apply it whenever you have to go to school, go on a field trip, or go on a tour with some of your friends. If you are interested in bus rental services, you can always rely on Kunkel Bus Lines Ltd. All our buses are well-maintained and our seats will surely allow for a comfortable ride to wherever you have planned to travel to!