Many people prefer flying when they are making a business trip from one city to another. They have to deal with congestion in airports, delayed flights and in-flight meals that may not be their favorites. The cost of the ticket is high and people have to sacrifice other luxuries just to afford it.

If there is an option other than flying for your next trip, consider it. Just like airlines, bus companies have regular schedules of inter-city services. The cost of a bus trip is about five times cheaper than that of a plane on return trip.

You can reach your vacation destination early with no money or get there later but with enough money to enjoy yourself. The second option is the best option for many people. After all, the essence of a vacation is to enjoy you. The relatively slow bus trip is good for unwinding after a long work period. It offers the much needed quality time alone or with your travel companion. Many airports are located out of town and one has to take a taxi to get into the central business district. The advantage of bus companies is that they can drop you at your destination within the city.